About Me

I have always been interested in people and spirituality since I was young. As I grew older, I found I could easily hold and deepen conversations with people and strangers at bus stops, work or events and they would easily share their issues with me. I have always been curious to why they choose me to talk with and in turn, learnt how varied and unique each and every person is. Through each experience heard, I have learnt how dynamic and complex our lives are and how these experiences get in the way of being our true selves.

I have spent over 20 years working in accountancy in various sectors and companies trying to balance work, personal and home life. I understand internal and external conflict issues that put a strain on an individual’s wellbeing mentally, spiritually and physically. In the aftermath of a personal loss, I have developed a particular interest in loss and bereavement and family issues.

Training as a Counsellor has been tough but nothing comes easy dealing with emotions. Learning about myself before helping another is the key to relationships. Building a therapeutic relationship is the heart of counselling and to aid understanding of underlying personal issues.  

“Your highest thoughts sometimes arise in your lowest moments.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo